We can conduct business in English, Spanish, Italian, French, Catalan, Urdu, and Tagalog. However, if you speak other languages, we will be happy to accommodate you by using a digital translator.

While Tomini has trusted partners all over the world —USA, Kuwait, South Korea, etc—, our only official retail space is our headquarters in Dubai, in the UAE.

We ship all over the world, as long as the vehicle is legal to import in that particular country.

Depending on the kind of car and mode of transport, specific freight charges and taxes will apply. In general, classic vehicles will have lower import rates and hurdles than newer (under 25-30 years) vehicles.

The United Arab Emirates has a 5% Value Added Tax (VAT) on all commercial sales. In order to transfer, export or register any car, a few admin fees apply —but do not worry, we take care of those. All our web prices, with the exception for UAE platform Dubicars, exclude VAT.

Despite being located in the UAE, our business has customers from all over the world. The US dollar is a fairly well-known currency that most international clients will understand. We do accept payments in USD, AED, and EUR. If you need any conversion, we can provide you with pricing with any currency of your choice, valid for 48 hours.

In general, driving and registering a right-hand-drive car is challenging in the Middle East and our other target markets (Continental Europe and North America), so it is very rare for us to have a RHD car.

We are able to carry on manufacturer warranty where applicable, but we cannot offer a warranty on second-hand cars due to age, design, or not being able to anticipate storage, driving, or maintenance after the sale.

Financing is limited to vehicles less than 5 years of age in the United Arab Emirates. We do not offer financing for overseas clients, or vehicles over 5 years of age.

We do not work on a last/best/final/bottom price basis. We strongly believe in assessing condition first and answering every single question on each vehicle before moving to negotiations. Tomini Classics sells cars on the basis of condition, followed by competitive pricing —not all the way around.

We have an in-house inspection bay with a lift, if you’d like to bring a qualified mechanic or inspector to see the car. We can also take the car to the workshop or dealership of your choice in the Emirates, provided the inspection is paid for in advance.

Due to parts hunting being a time-consuming affair with lots of downsides, high waiting times and unexpected costs, we no longer offer our spare parts sourcing service. However, we can provide recommendations wherever we can.

Due to the small size of our team and internal workshop, as well as the busy pipeline of our own collection, we do not offer aftersales or independent service at the current time.

We have no reservations about disclosing any negative points on any car we may have, to the best of our ability and knowledge. We inspect every single car we sell to ensure we describe it faithfully. From measuring paint to a comprehensive test-drive, we go the extra mile to be transparent about a car’s condition, and ensure that any and all questions are satisfactorily answered on history, condition, maintenance, or logistics. Relationships always come before sales, as does our reputation.

In addition to decades of experience and accrued knowledge, we partake in the manufacturer’s certification programs and are completely open about what we know, what we don’t know, and what we can further find out. Any and all recreations (where applicable) are clearly indicated as such.

Yes! We provide white-glove, long-term storage solutions for a monthly fee. Storage includes starting/running the car once a month, trickle charging, one recovery truck trip, fire and theft insurance, and standard cleaning. All cars are stored in a dust-free, climate-controlled environment, specifically designed for this very purpose. Each car sold by us comes with a free month of storage.

Due to sourcing cars being a time-consuming affair, we can only offer you what we control directly. Acting as a broker has potential for misunderstandings, delays, and surprises —we prefer to focus on what we own ourselves.

Because we like to own and control our inventory, we rarely take on consignments. We have a very specific profile and standards on what makes a car worthy of being on our showroom floor.

Big question! There are many factors to an investment car. Depending on the model and brand, we can think of condition, maintenance, heritage, ownership history, competition history, show pedigree, media exposure, and historical significance as important factors that make a car special.

It’s hard to say, but at Tomini we try our best to invest as carefully as possible without losing too much! Take a look at our stock; for the most part, these are cars with relative market stability.

Yes! Our “Wanted” section will indicate if we are currently buying, and what we are currently looking for.

We are open to trades, as long as the profile and quality of car matches our needs and profile. We specialise in post-war collectible sportscars, this is the line of car that we like and know best.

Due to liability reasons and our requirement to have staff present at all times to supervise and care for the car(s), we do not rent or loan cars.

Not all cars are the same, and neither are their owners! We curate and select the cars we source in the region, ensuring they have been stored and maintained properly, often times buying them directly from VIP’s, enthusiasts, and Royals in the region. While we do operate in an extreme climate, we ensure that the collection gets the possible best care within our walls, in an environment that provides the best possible storage conditions. This is the big difference you will find between Tomini Classics and other dealers in the Gulf.

Yes! We make and effort to visit and take cars to most major events in the region that suit our car profile (Riyadh Concours, Dubai Motorshow, Gulf Historic, Mille Miglia UAE). We also attend most trade shows and concours worldwide (Rétromobile, Pebble Beach, Amelia Island, etc), so feel free to ask us to meet you in those!

In the late 1980’s, we changed our name from “International Shipping Lines” to “Tomini Group”. While no real relationship to the Indonesian Gulf of Tomini or the famed Italian cheese, we found this name to be beautiful and easy to hear on the radio equipment of our vessels.

While our car business is more widely publicised than our parent company focused on bulk cargo ships, our car collection only makes for approximately 5% of the total of our corporation. The company fleet of Ultramax and Supramax vessels makes up most of the assets at Tomini Group, with small interests in construction equipment.

Our car collection is something that we like to keep close to our management; it is very difficult to ensure consistent output if we decide to open new branches overseas. We have a network of trusted partners who understand our methods and standards, but none of them have a dedicated Tomini franchise in their country.

We are a small team and hire every once in a blue moon. For any open opportunity, you can check our Careers Portal at our parent company, Tomini Group.

As the specialised skills and knowledge required in our company cannot be taught in a few months’ time, we do not engage in offering internship opportunities at the current time.

As we are a hobby business of sorts, in the heart of a private car collection, our department does not provide sponsorships or grants. However, on a personal level, the management of Tomini Group partakes in multiple humanitarian donations, natural disaster relief, and fundraising events.