Blue Cavallino: 599 GTZ Nibbio Zagato

Few cars at Tomini Classics have garnered as much attention from the media as our 2007 Ferrari 599 GTZ. From our first reveal on our Instagram to its appearance on Supercar Blondie’s channel, its design and rarity have made it an instant hit.

Originally born as a 2007 GTB, one of 40 manual gearbox 599 models to ever leave the factory, this car was delivered new to us in our Kuwaiti branch. Given its rarity, we purchased the car; however, we wished to take it a step further. Back in the mid-2010’s, Zagato opened up nine lucky slots in a series of bespoke, completely custom-built bodies for the 599 GTB. We opted for the last slot, and submitted the only manual car of the nine, keeping with our purist philosophy and honoring the original 250 GTZ LWB Tour de France in its colour scheme and configuration: two-tone paint, front V12 and manual gearbox. In this 599 GTZ series, one or two were GTO specification; much more powerful but lacking the analog charm of the original.

Completely coachbuilt in carbon fibre, the 599 GTZ features a few bespoke touches in the interior, while still retaining all 599 GTB switchgear. The engine and gearbox have not been altered in any way, yet they do not deprive the car of a unique exhaust note in line with the car’s own personality.

We not only consider ourselves lucky to be the guardians of this car in its short stay with us: we also take great pride in sponsoring the House of Zagato to imbue its essence into our car, and knowing we formed part of automotive history in doing so.

Photographs courtesy of Shivaum Punjabi at The Cornea Impression.