A night to remember: Don Law

Dubai’s position in the supercar firmament grants us incredible opportunities to collaborate with legends of the automotive world. At the end of June 2019, Tomini Classics partnered with Veloce Life and Bremont Watches to bring Jaguar XJ220 extraordinaire Don Law, the most trusted authority on Jaguar’s flagship supercar of the 1990’s.

Based off Stoke-on-Kent, in the UK, Don Law Racing is a family-run business specializing in the mighty Jaguar XJ220, the brand’s limited-production car and Ferrari F40 challenger. After the XJ220 project was terminated by Jaguar, Don Law Racing bought all the tooling and spare parts and continued to perform maintenance and upgrades for the limited number of owners who still owned an XJ220.

In this special night, we gathered over 60 people eager to hear about Don Law’s experience with the brand and the car itself. With an actual XJ220 provided by Veloce Life and a display of watches courtesy of Bremont, the event became an octane-infused success.

Veloce Life is newly established brand seeking to bring together car enthusiasts from around the region and provide a new opportunity for consumers and fans of luxury lifestyle brands to experience unique products. Ranging from cars to watches as well as art pieces, they create experiences unlike any other.

The Bremont Watch Company is a award-winning British watch manufacturer founded in 2002, inspired by a love and passion for aviation, engineering adventure. In this particular event, Bremont displayed a special collection in tribute to the legendary models of the Jaguar Motorcar brand.

Photography courtesy of Tom Richardson for Veloce Life.