Classic Car Cruising. Part 1: The Cruise

16 Mar 2014

Classic cars are not a common site on the roads of the United Arab Emirates. You are more likely to see a handful of modern Ferrari, a couple of contemporary Lamborghini and a few new McLaren cruising around on any given day than see any random jalopy from any marque with an age over a score and ten.

The harsh summers are mainly to blame as the modern motor car is far better suited to deal with heat than the horseless carriage of yesteryear. But it would be wrong to think that there are no classics of fine vintage in the region. Problem is, they are normally locked up in a bubble in some rich dudes private collection never to be driven or seen by the likes of us plebeians.

Frederik Faidhi – Surgeon General of Detailing at Select Nano – wanted to change all that and gathered together a small group of choice classic cars that get driven on a regular basis just like they were intended for. Frederick kindly invited crankandpiston along for the cruise, not only to grab some snaps of the occasion, but also because The McGovernor has a few jalopies which date back to the stone age that get driven hard in all seasons.

The game was on and ’57 Fendered and #project4banger were in fine company. Despite it being a small – invitation only – group of about twenty cars, the site of the collective classic rolling stock snapped necks and bulged eyeballs of just about every other road user. And, if you flick through the gallery, it isn’t hard to see why.

Source : Crank and Piston