1959 Corvette Scaglietti

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Gary Laughlin, a wealthy Texan who admired the coachbuilding skills of the Italians, sent 3 Chevrolet Corvette chassis – complete with V8 engines – fresh of the production line to one Sergio Scaglietti in Italy.

The result of Scaglietti’s labour was this ultra-rare, 1 of 3 in the world Corvette Scaglietti. One of the rarest cars of the Tomini Classics collection, combining true Italian design (albeit with a Corvette grille) with 1950’s American V8 raw power & reliability.


Stock No : CHE-002
Year : 1959
Body : Coupe
Engine : 4,638cc V8
Exterior : Red
Interior : Cream leather
Mileage : 28,000 Miles
Transmission : Manual
Location : United States

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